Food at Her Fingertips, but Nothing to eat

Here’s a story that you won’t believe.  It is sad but true.   I spoke to a state agency case worker for the elderly. She was anxiously searching for pureed foods for a 90 year old woman who lives alone. The case worker called to find out if Smoothe Foods delivers pureed meals to a person’s home.  I told her we do and that our mission has always been to offer great tasting pureed meals that people enjoy eating, and are conveniently delivered straight to their home.

I was stunned at what she told me next. She said Meals On Wheels refused to ship this lady pureed foods because they didn’t want the liability if she choked. That made no sense. So it’s OK to deliver regular food that she cannot eat as long as they can’t be sued? If she suffers from malnutrition that’s OK? To me that’s called the “The Opposite World”.  It’s the opposite of all logic. The opposite of caring for people during all stages of life.  The opposite of decency. How many of these individuals have to go back and forth to emergency rooms due to malnutrition? The numbers are shocking yet avoidable.

So they’ll continue to deliver food she cannot eat.  And when she perishes from malnutrition, how do they explain it? They say:  She lost the will to eat .We delivered meals to her every day. She just wouldn’t eat.  Here’s what we know: She had food at her fingertips, but nothing to eat!

Her loved ones will believe the ”story” because when they open her refrigerator it will be full of food - sausage, steak, chicken breast on the bone, carrots ,broccoli, Salisbury steak, corn. Sounds delicious. Unless you can’t chew or swallow solid food. Food at her fingertips……….

 Why are we starving our sick and elderly people?  I cannot fathom the idea of pretending someone doesn’t want to eat when in essence, they cannot eat the solid food they’re served or pureed food that comes in a can or baby food that reminds them of their illness or condition. More of us need to fight for their right to eat great tasting food. Family caregivers, healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, social workers, in-home health care, food service directors - must help the helpless.

It will take a shift in America before our sick and elderly get treated like the valuable part of society that they are. When we start caring about their emotional needs, we’ll realize that the rituals of everyday life such as eating, are the keys to an improved quality of life. Why we don’t make eating more enjoyable for them is frightening. Is it because they are not the loud mouths who get attention.?

About Smoothe Foods

Smoothe Foods is a line of soft and pureed menu items that are nutritious and great tasting. The company ships nationwide, and focuses on providing gourmet meals to help ensure those with special dietary needs have a delicious option and variety. We offer a small, select menu with a focus on taste. We ship to institutions and homes

Food at their fingertips but nothing to eat….




Advocate Change for Dangerously Low Care Recommendations

Advocate Change for Dangerously Low Care Recommendations