Delicious Frozen Pureed Meals Delivered to your home. Predict Convenient... Predict Healthy...                                             PREDICT DELICIOUS!                                                               Get ready to take control of your pureed diet.


We offer a delicious & convenient approach to specialty pureed diets delivered direct to your doorstep.  Finally there is a way for you to find options for your special needs and have the convenience of home delivery. You can Predict more Free Time with our home delivered meals. 


Our Services

We provide a collection of  Home Delivered Pureed Meals for a myriad of issues that cause an individual to need pureed food.  We know it isn't always easy to find the time to prepare pureed meals for you or a loved one.   Just heat, eat & enjoy! 

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What special meals do we offer? 

DELICIOUS PUREED MEALS  Vegetarian entrees for individuals with dysphagia, bariatric recovery, chewing issues, in need of pre-digested foods. Each meal is 6 oz. and ship frozen. Order in 12,24 or 32 Packs.

MENU: Variety of (7) Meals: Three Bean Chili, Mac & Cheese, Shells with Peas & Mushrooms, Frittata, Pancakes with Blueberries, Cherry Cheese Blintz and our new recipe - POWER BOWL - (made with lentils, quinoa, avocado, beets, nutritional yeast, lemon juice and salt). 



Who orders our meals?

People of all ages enjoy our pureed meals. Individuals order for themselves. Family caregivers order for their loved ones.  People who want the convenience of home delivery look to Smoothe Foods to find delicious options.  We deliver to homes as well as facilities.  Our pureed foods are meant for people with chewing or swallowing issues,  You are purchasing great meals as well as free time to do what you love.  

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Regain precious family time with delicious home delivered pureed meals.